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Happy Halloween – Safety Tips for a Spooktacular Season

By October 4, 2023 No Comments

‘Tis the season to be spooky!

To ensure the only scares experienced this holiday are from the ghosts, goblins and scary movies, let’s review some holiday safety tips:


Chocolates and Candy:

Keep candy away from your pet! Most people know  that chocolate is toxic to dogs, however, many pet owners forget that other types of candy can prove dangerous as well. Ensure candy is kept well out of reach of your pets and ensure to advise any young children that they would do best not to share their candy with their furry friends. If you would like your pet to indulge in some of their own trick-or-treating, ask your vet for suggestions as to suitable treats for your pet.

If your pet does ingest candy or chocolate, immediately contact your veterinarian for guidance. Pet Poison Control is also a wonderful resource, whereby they can advise you as to next steps for caring for your furry friend.

Glow Sticks & Small Toys:

The use of glow sticks (either as part of decor or to help keep our little humans safe while trick or treating) can be fun, they can be problematic for pets. And sometimes instead of candy, our trick-or-treaters may receive small toys. Please be careful to ensure neither o these are made accessible to your pets, as they can become a foreign body issue if ingested.


Costumes may be enjoyed by some pets, but for others, it serves as an unnecessary source of stress and anxiety. Using treats may help encourage your pet to enjoy wearing their costume. However, ensure the costume is not too tight or restrictive, can’t tangle up with your pet, doesn’t have loose pieces that could be chewed and/or consumed, and doesn’t impede their ability to move freely or see well. In some cases, if your pet is showing no signs of relaxing with their costume on, consider forgoing the tradition all together.

Halloween Decor:

Keep candles out of reach or use LED lights to keep excited pets from getting harmed by an open flame.

Halloween plants such as pumpkin and corn need to be kept out of reach of curious  and mischievous pets. While, these plants are non-toxic, they can cause gastrointestinal upset if ingested in large quantities or intestinal blockage if large pieces are swallowed.

Halloween Celebrations/Trick-Or-Treating:

If your pet has a high level of anxiety, especially around crowds, you may want to forgo bringing them along on your trick-or-treating route. Also keep in mind many dogs are afraid of people in costumes. For dogs that are more comfortable sitting out the trick-or-treating, consider walking them before the trick-or-treating begins. If, however, they seem comfortable joining your adventures, keep in mind that lights and colours can help ensure that drivers see your pet at night. Use brightly coloured costumes, safety vests or visibility lights to ensure your pet can be seen.

The hustle and bustle of Halloween can be exciting for some pets, but stressful for others. To avoid stress and/or an escape when the door is repeatedly opened for trick-or-treaters, keep your pets in a secure, quiet area, where they can relax without fear of them getting loose or harmed. With drivers distracted by the festivities and mischief makers out and about, it’s a good idea to keep your cat indoors to avoid potential dangers.


Happy Haunting!

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