At Tower Hill – Bathurst Animal Hospital, it is our unwavering commitment to provide top-notch medical care to each and every patient we serve, while also offering remarkable service to our valued clients. We want to enhance and lengthen the human – animal bond with happier and healthier pets. Our goal is to make every visit to our hospital a pleasant experience for both you and your pet. At Tower Hill – Bathurst Animal Hospital, you’re more than just a number – you’re a part of our family! Our veterinarians and care team looking forward to welcoming you to our office soon.

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    Common Symptoms of Periodontal Disease – Recognize the Signs!

    Dental care is perhaps the most overlooked and under-treated area in veterinary medicine.  Most people are aware of the need for regular dental care for themselves; however, many do not realize their pets can be similarly affected by periodontal disease.  In fact, by the age of 3 years, 80% of pets are affected by dental disease. The most common symptom … Read More »

    Paging Dr. Google? Not So Fast…

    When your pet is not feeling well, your first move might be checking your symptoms with a search engine. Many people will look up a set of symptoms and be convinced that their pets are suffering from a specific disease or condition. They are usually wrong. The problem is that reliable information is not guaranteed if the search is undirected. … Read More »

    Holiday Safety Tips For A Holly Jolly Christmas!

    The holiday season has arrived! This is a very busy time, with a lot happening, and what better way to spend the holidays than with your pet?   Whether it’s setting up the decorations, or enjoying some delicious Christmas feasting, keep these tips and tricks in mind to ensure you pet is kept safe during this holiday season:   Don’t … Read More »