At Tower Hill – Bathurst Animal Hospital, it is our unwavering commitment to provide top-notch medical care to each and every patient we serve, while also offering remarkable service to our valued clients. We want to enhance and lengthen the human – animal bond with happier and healthier pets. Our goal is to make every visit to our hospital a pleasant experience for both you and your pet. At Tower Hill – Bathurst Animal Hospital, you’re more than just a number – you’re a part of our family! Our veterinarians and care team looking forward to welcoming you to our office soon.

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    Bones, Muscles and Joints: Keep Your Pet Moving and Grooving!

    Musculoskeletal diseases, conditions that involve bones, muscles and joints, can affect pets of all ages. They experience aches and pains like we do. Unfortunately, sometimes this is difficult to spot because the symptoms are not very obvious.   Think about your furry friend for a moment – has their ability to move changed? Have they stopped jumping on you when … Read More »

    Bug Basics: Part Two

    The spring and summer months are a wonderful time for exploring the outdoors and enjoying the warmer weather. Unfortunately, it’s not just our four-legged friends that take advantage of the improved weather – there are all sorts of creepy crawlers that also come out, that we need to protect our pets from.   Fleas: Fleas are parasitic six-legged insects that … Read More »

    Bug Basics: Part One

    With the warm weather starting, it’s an important time to consider the safety of our pets and the risks that are associated with the various parasites.   Ticks: Ticks are an external parasite. They prefer warm, moist environments such as forested, wooded areas, piles of leaves and tall grasses.  Ticks do not jump, but rather wait on a blade of … Read More »