Dental Disease: Does Your Pet Have It?

With Valentine’s Day having just passed, common things were on everyone’s mind – love, hugs and chocolate! For your pets, the first two come out way on top! (We don’t need to remind you to keep the chocolate away from the pets!)

Dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats, affecting 78% of dogs and 68% of cats over the age of three.

If dental issues are left untreated, it can contribute to more severe medical conditions, including, but not limited to, jaw fractures due to bone destruction and damage to organs caused by chronic bacterial infection in the mouth. Kidneys in particular are often injured by untreated oral disease.

If your pet has bad breath, also known as halitosis, it could be an indication there is an issue with their teeth and gums. However, even if your pet’s breath smells fine,  there still may be dental issues, they are simply harder to spot.

Early preventive measures, such as at-home care and in-clinic teeth cleanings will help to reduce the frequency and severity of dental disease later in life. Here at the Tower Hill-Bathurst Animal Hospital, we offer comprehensive examinations of your pet’s teeth and gums. When dental procedures are booked, we use special tools to remove tartar from below the gum line and smooth the surface of each tooth to prevent tartar buildup, just like when you visit your dentist.

Keeping your pet healthy from toe to tooth shows the world how much you love them. One of the best ways to keep your pet in tip-top shape is to schedule comprehensive examination of your pet’s teeth and gums with us. We can assess if your pet requires a dental procedure and/or at-home care.

Call us today to schedule your pet’s appointment!


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