November: Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month!

Reasons To Adopt a Senior Pet:

They’re fully matured: Younger pets are still in the process of learning, developing, and growing. A senior pet is fully matured, which means it has a fully formed demeanor, temperament, and personality.

They tend to be calmer: Most senior pets tend to be calmer and more laidback, which is why many of them do well in houses with young children or first-time pet owners.

They have experience being part of a family: Many senior pets were once beloved family pets but for whatever reason have ended up at a shelter. There’s a good chance your senior pet has lived in a home before and understands basic household etiquette. It’s also likely your senior pet has spent time being socialized around humans and will need less adjustment time before settling in as a member of your family.

It’s easier to teach an old dog new tricks: Senior dogs tend to be easier to train because they’re calmer and have better attention spans compared to younger dogs. It’s also likely that your senior dog will already be housebroken and familiar with basic commands.

Senior pets need loving homes too!

Potential adopters often overlook senior pets. Therefore they tend to stay in shelters longer. Many people who have chosen to adopt an older pet will tell you that senior pets seem to understand the second chance you’ve given them and form a very special bond with their new adoptive family.

So, if you are considering adopting, don’t discount the senior pets!

senior pet

– Special thanks to Ontario SPCA

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