Dog Days of Summer: Pet Safety Tips

The summer months are certainly a blast! But with rising temperatures, we need to remember a few key summer safety points in order to keep our furry family members safe!

Fun In The Sun:

  • Exercise your dog early or late in the day, as they can overheat quickly
  • Provide easy access to fresh water. If playing outdoors, visiting the park or going for walks, bring a bottle of water and a bowl to periodically re-hydrate your pet
  • Check the temperature of the ground or sand because if it’s too hot to the touch, then it’s too hot for their paws
  • Make sure your dog has access to shady areas when outside. And keep in mind the movement of the sun as the day passes; what’s  shady in the morning, may be in full sunlight in just a couple hours
  • Never allow your dog to have access to a swimming pool when unsupervised. When it comes to swimming in a pool, ensure to teach them how to swim to the pool steps, so they can safely exit the water when they are tired
  • Never leave your pet in a parked car. The temperature in the car gets much hotter than outside and can lead to organ failure and/or death

Have a BBQ Blast:

  • If hosting a backyard BBQ or bonfire, be sure your pets are wearing visible and up-to-date ID tags on their collars before the party starts
  • If your pet is likely to become nervous by larger crowds or strangers, consider keeping them in a quiet area of the house, away from the guests and commotion
  • Ensure your dog cannot gain access to any charcoal, matches or lighter fluid
  • Keep your dog away from the flames by asking your guests to play with your dog away from the BBQ or bonfire site
  • Discourage your guests from offering human food to your dog. Certain human food is toxic to pets (such as garlic, onions and chocolate), and sometimes the sauces used on BBQ foods can be upsetting to their stomach
  • Ensure to keep all alcoholic drinks out of reach of your pet
  • If your dog seems overwhelmed during the party, bring them inside and allow them to stay in a quiet area away from the guests

Don’t Be A Gardening Goof:

  • Insecticides, citronella products and fertilizers are toxic to pets. Keep your pets away from areas where chemicals have been sprayed, fresh fertilized soil has been laid, and ensure dangerous products are out of reach

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