Don’t Miss A Beat When It Comes to Your Pet’s Heart Health!

When you’re a pet owner, you know a lot about the health of your pet just by using your senses.  You get to know how their eyes, ears, teeth and coat look when they are feeling good.  And you come to notice any changes that might be a cause for concern.  You can see your pet’s eyes when they are goopy, which often indicates an eye infection.  An unpleasant odour can indicate an ear infection developing.  You can feel the lumps and bumps on their skin.  But what about their heart?  How do you know if that organ is healthy?


Heart disease affects pets of all ages.  For example, certain breeds of dogs and cats are at a higher risk of heart disease at a young age.  Others develop heart conditions later in life, when another illness crops up.  Some pets develop heart disease at any age without noticeable signs.  Yes, their heart may not be pumping right, even though their tails are wagging and purring is at an all-time high!


If your pet’s heart is not checked regularly, your pet may be at risk for heart disease and in some cases, a shortened lifespan.  The good news is, if caught early, most issues can be treated or managed successfully for years.  And, if your pet already has a heart condition but is regularly monitored by our practice, often we can slow its progression.


Regular examinations of your pet are one very important way to keep track of your pet’s heart health!  During the exam, we will take a listen to make sure your pet’s heart sounds right.  We’ll also perform a few other easy tests, if needed, to keep your pet’s ticker in the best shape possible.

 heart check up

When we think of love, we think of hearts.  And we love your pet.  It’s why we do what we do. 

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