Paws-ing To Prepare: Cats

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Make sure you have the following ready to go, for their big arrival:


Collar and ID Tag

A collar with ID tag, listing your contact information, is helpful for your pet to wear, in the event they get out and lost.  It’s easier to return lost pets to their families, if current contact information is handy. When choosing an appropriate collar, consider a stretchable or breakable collar, so as to protect your pet from getting caught and choked on objects.


Cat Carrier

There will be times when you will need to transport your cat (to the vets, possibly groomer or boarding, etc), and it’s important that they travel in a safe manner.  Having an appropriate sized carrier will make car rides safer for you and your pet.  Ensure that the carrier selected is large enough for your cat to be comfortable, as well as can be closed securely, so as to avoid escape or injury.


Food and Water Bowls

Ensure your kitten has a bowl for dry kibble as well as a bowl for fresh water, which should always be available. Glass, crystal, stainless steel or crock bowls are recommended.  When selecting their diet, speak to your veterinarian, as they will have recommendations based on the age and health status of your pet.


Litter Box

Prepare a container that is large enough for your cat to sit in comfortably and deep enough to line with litter (the amount of litter will be dependent on the size of the feline).  A scoop will be needed to remove droppings. Litter Boxes come in many different sizes and styles, experiment to see which type your kitten enjoys the most.



Your kitten will choose where it is most comfortable sleeping, however, it is important to provide a warm comfortable place where the kitten will feel safe. Also, consider using a portable carrier as their bed – it may make trips (to the vet, groomers, etc.) less stressful as your kitten will come to associate the carrier as a safe haven, and not simply a means of transporting them to somewhere stressful.


Scratching Post & Cat Tree

Providing appropriate places to scratch will help to avoid damage to your house. A cat tree will allow your kitten to climb high and explore the different levels provided by a cat tree. This helps to limit excessive rushing about the house and jumping on furniture, while at the same time allowing the kitten to satisfy the need for exercise.  They also provide your cat with a place to go for privacy, peace and quiet. Cat trees come in a variety of designs, ensure to select a design that matches your cat’s preferences as well as works well within the home setting.


Brush and Comb

Grooming your kitten teaches him to like being handled by people, as well as keep the coat healthy and free of mats and tangles. Grooming also helps to control shedding and reduce hairballs.


Kitten Toys

When selecting toys for your kitten, the most important thing to keep in mind is safety. Read any instructions that come with the toy, to prevent any injuries. Make sure toys cannot be chewed up and small pieces swallowed.

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