Exploring Pet Insurance: Part Two – Guidelines and Questions to Ask

Choosing an insurance provider is a very important decision!  As such, never buy pet insurance without first doing some research!


When researching, your Richmond Hill veterinarian suggests considering the following aspects before choosing a pet insurance policy:

  • Do not wait until you pet has an illness or injury before buying pet insurance, as it will be considered a pre-existing condition and likely will not be covered by your policy.
  • Do not pick pet insurance solely on the cost of the premium.  Make sure you take into consideration the medical coverage it provides, as well as the degree of monetary reimbursement.


We recommend pet owners use some of the following guidelines and questions when researching potential pet insurance companies and their policies:

  1. Are the conditions of the policy fully and clearly understood, including limitations and exclusions?
  2. When discussing limitations and exclusions, investigate how they are delineated. Are there limits per “incidents,” per “year,” per “lifetime,” or per “body system?”  What are those limits?
  3. How are pre-existing conditions addressed? Are they automatically excluded, or is there a grace period in which pre-existing conditions might be re-evaluated?
  4. Does the policy have sufficient medical coverage, especially for accidents, chronic, heredity and congenital diseases, cancer and conditions and diseases common to the pet’s breed?
  5. Is a physical exam required for enrolment or renewal?
  6. Are wellness tests and preventive care covered by the policy?
  7. How does coverage and premiums change as a pet ages?
  8. Are there any reason(s) that pet owner wouldn’t be able to renew their policy?
  9. Is there a maximum age for enrolment? If one’s pet has surpassed the maximum age, are there alternatives for them?
  10. How quickly are claims processed and reimbursement granted?
  11. Are their premiums affordable?
  12. In what situations can premiums increase?
  13. Have premium increased over the past few years? And if yes, by how much?
  14. Does the insurance company have good reputation? What do reviews of the company and their customer service have to say?


Do not be afraid to contact different companies to compare their policies. It is important to find a good match for your lifestyle and financial situation.

If you have any questions and/or concerns about pet health insurance, we encourage you to contact you Richmond Hill veterinarian.

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