Exploring Pet Insurance: Part One – The What’s & Why’s Behind It

Owning a pet invariably comes with a certain amount of expenses.  Annual exams, vaccinations, heartworm/flea medication and food are all part in particle of the deal, and typically budgeted accordingly.  However, problems can often arise when an unexpected accident or illness affects our pets.  Hospitalization and subsequent treatment can wrack up expenses quite quickly, depending on the severity of the situation.


Pet insurance was developed approximately 20 years ago, to help combat these unforeseen costs.  Pet insurance is beneficial in that the insured will receive financial compensation for some or most of the veterinary treatment their pet receives.  Pet health insurance is one way for owners to be confident that they can provide their pets with the best veterinary treatment and care available, and can also bring peace of mind in emergency situations, because the financial constraints have been alleviated.  Advances in veterinary medicine are allowing pets to lead longer, healthier lives, given that veterinarians are able to offer more in the way of preventative care, better diagnostic testing for early disease detection and an increasing number of life-saving procedures.  This makes having pet insurance a must-have!


Keep in mind, your pet is never too “young” or “healthy” to need pet insurance! Recently, our clinic experienced two heartbreaking cases, in which young dogs were met with unanticipated situations (one an accident, one an illness), both of which required hospitalization and extensive treatment.  Unfortunately, neither pet owner had purchased pet insurance because both dogs were young (less than 6 months in age) and both had previously been very healthy! While we worked with the clients to ensure their pets were cared for, having the financial concerns associated with hospitalization and treatment added undue stress. Stress that might have been better alleviated; had they had the security of pet insurance.


Your Richmond Hill veterinarian strongly encourages all pet owners to learn more about pet insurance and the possible benefits for both the owner and pet.

Health insurance for a pet can be purchase though several different companies. For example, check out some of these highly recommended companies:


Trupanion Medical Insurance:  or  1-888-733-2685

PetCare Pet Insurance Program:  or  1-866-275-7387

Petsecure Pet Health Insurance:  or  1-800-268-1169

Pets + Us – Pet Insurance Canada:  or  1-800-364-8422

Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance:  or  1-866-600-2445


Your Richmond Hill veterinarian does not endorse any specific insurance policy or company. Owners should do research to determine which policy best fits their lifestyle and financial situation.


Check out Part Two of Exploring Pet Insurance, in which we explore key questions when researching different pet insurance companies and their policies.

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