5 Tips for Helping Your Dog Overcome Fear of Loud Noises

Does your dog cover at the sound of a car alarm going off? Do fireworks send your pooch into an absolute panic? Does your canine companion hide in fear every time a crack of thunder is heard in the distance? Fear of loud noises is one of the most common issues among dogs, but it’s something that is completely manageable. Here are 5 tips from a Richmond Hill veterinarian to help your dog overcome their fear of loud noises once and for all.

Create a Safe Place – The most important part of helping your dog overcome their fear is providing them with a place to retreat to where they feel safe and secure. You want to show them that even if the noise they hear makes them anxious or scared, there is a place that they can go where nothing will harm them. Your Richmond Hill veterinarian may be able to make some suggestions as to where this safe haven might work best in your home, based on your particular dog.

Desensitize – Exposure to the sound that causes the frightened reaction in your dog can help them slowly overcome their fear. Just take it slow and don’t overwhelm your pet, or you might end up making the situation worse. It may be best to work with your Richmond Hill veterinarian to make sure that you’re handling this approach the right way.

Distract Them – If you can get your dog’s mind off whatever is scaring them, they may be able to overcome the fear altogether. Try getting your dog to play by rolling a ball toward them or squeaking a toy to get their attention while the trigger noise is happening. If you can break the fixation on the noise, you can make it much less frightening for your dog.

Consult with a Specialist – If all of the work you’re doing to help your dog overcome their fear doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, consider working with a professional behaviorist. Ask your Richmond Hill veterinarian if they offer that type of service, or if they can recommend someone who specializes in this type of situation that you can be referred to.

Consider Medication – In extreme cases, particularly those in which the fear triggers such an intense reaction that the dog may actually injure himself, you may want to consider using medication. Discuss it with your Richmond Hill veterinarian to determine whether this is an option worth pursuing in your particular situation.

Helping your dog overcome a fear of loud noises isn’t impossible and it doesn’t have to be a chore. By following these tips and working closely with your Richmond Hill veterinarian, you can help your canine companion achieve balance and peace no matter how loud the background noise is.

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